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Soft Plans
(music as liberation)

“A 1/1 collectible about inner health, psychedelic therapy, and the nourishing power of music. It includes an NFT animation and an IRL physical trading card, which gives its owner 5% royalties of Alan Lili's song "Soft Plans" for as long as they own the NFT. The primary purchaser of the NFT is also invited to go on a psychedelic journey with Alan, if they so choose ;)”


Music is the love of my life. It’s ancient medicine. It’s been at the center of our sacred rituals since the dawn of humanity. When I moved from Mexico to the US, music helped me feel belonging when I felt like an alien. It was a language I could understand, tuning me to a place of connectedness with the world around me.


I forgot all that for a few years. I got lost in the industry rat race, in chasing someone else’s definition of success. I was using music to get validation and to escape my lonely feelings of unworthiness. Treating it as a means to an end — a way to get love. 


I hit a bad low and burned out. 


Through the last few years, I’ve shed a lot of fear and reconnected with the nourishment of making music. I’ve settled into myself and found a home within cozy moments of creativity. With the help of deep breaths and therapeutic use of psychedelics, I’ve learned to soften into the moment and enjoy what is here, now. 


I still fall daily. I still get caught in the trance of not enoughness and self-judgement. But now, I have access to compassion and love for myself while moving through those dark moments. That changes everything. I can hold myself and remember that who I am is good.


Music has an incomparable ability to tune us to the magic of the present. When we experience it in the same space together, it brings us all into one frequency, regardless of our vast differences. What a powerful tool for reminding us of our shared humanity. 


The aim with this NFT is for it to be a little reminder of what music is and can be, beyond entertainment. To remind myself it’s not about worshiping egos and material excess. It’s about coming together and experiencing our interdependence. 


This NFT is also the first of many, an experiment in the collective ownership of music. An artist doesn’t exist without an audience, and to honor that, I want to share the success of my music with those who love it most. 


I hope this NFT inspires you. I hope it softens your need to make rigid plans as a way of controlling the unknown. I hope it deepens your trust in the moment — and in yourself. 


Thank you for being here.



full song

This NFT is a collaboration between Alan Lili and ATC. The animation work was done by the great Mee Huh. Special and big gracias to God, Brad Freeman, Dancho Lili, Jose Chayet, Kelsey Bair, Justin Boreta, Jason Milov, Mexico, Mushrooms, and the holy spirit of inspiration. 
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